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Alice Nine “Court of ‘9’ #4” on 2012/12/31 at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium

The members of Alice Nine made a festive stage entry to their first countdown live performance, held at Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium at the end of 2012. Pompous sceneries flickered over the large screen and a waltz accompanied Nao, Saga, Tora, Hiroto and lastly Shou onto the stage amidst applause from the audience that was privileged to spend this special night with the band.

With a splashing drum intro, Nao opened the night’s first song “Heavenly Tale” and the countdown towards the new year began. The excitement and eager anticipation new no halt and the audience head banged and shouted, answering Shou’s demands willingly.

"Yoyogi!" The vocalist shouted. "Lend us your strength!"

"閃光 / SENKOU" and "GALLOWS" had the crowd at the edge and the band members on stage reflected the power of the audience, firing each other up further and further.

"We have finally arrived at this venue." Shou stated meaningful. "It has been a great tour, which was one of the many things that have happened this year. We feel honored that you have chosen to spend this night with us. All of what you have might been through this year, we will take it in, so please leave it all to us."

With full power Alice Nine continued their set with the best of all of their performances this year - be it their well known power tracks like “BLUE FLAME” or emotional songs like “Scarlet” or concert favorites such as “Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly” and “RAINBOWS”. The audience was drawn into the performance that held such a high standard that there was no option but letting the year behind and rushing into the new. Rocking guitars and soft acoustic tunes mingled fabulously with Tora and Hiroto showing off their skills masterfully. The fans sang to “朱い風車 / AKAI KAZAGURUMA”, holding hands and presenting a unity that was well that of a large family.

During “ハイカラなる輪舞曲/ HAIKARA NARU RONDO ” all members had their special moment, when the audience called out their individual names to their respective solos, before the floor turned into a wild mosh-pit. Shou and Saga performed in a special way, when Saga spoke the verse of the song “ハロー、ワールド / Hello, World” and Shou accompanied him singing during the chorus while playing the guitar as well.

It might have been the end of the year seemed to make time fly even more that usual, and just minutes before midnight, Alice Nine finished their main performance with “RED CARPET GOING ON”, which nonetheless followed its live routine of speeding up the chorus several time and making the crowd go crazy.

"It was a great evening! Thank you!" Shou shouted before all band members left the stage eventually.

Despite clearly being ready to shout for an encore, the crowd had the pleasure to look back on really old footage of Alice Nine. Anyone who wasn’t feeling just a little bit nostalgic because of the year that was just about to pass, felt it then for sure, when looking at how far the band has come. 

And then the countdown started. The year turned at 0 and the band members returned on stage, opening the encore with a cover of “一月一日 / ichigatsu tsuitachi” - a traditional Japanese New Year song which beautifully wound into Alice Nine’s “~ the Beautiful name” and was topped with a fountain of glitter shot over the audience.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!" Shou shouted eventually. "Being here makes me so happy!"

For a moment all members reflected on their past, looking back on what kind of merchandise they had been able to produce, joking casually about how it seemed that Nao had gained a little weight and Hiroto had grown incredible 3 centimeters.

"I was really worried that we wouldn’t make it in time, when we played the loop for RED CARPET GOING ON." Hiroto confessed in between. "The length of it really depends on the mood. Sometimes we are done in three minutes, sometimes we are done in one. But today we did it anyway."

"It is the first time for us to do such a count down live." Shou eventually added. We are thankful for you being here." 

"TSUBASA" and "暁 / AKATSUKI" followed quickly and what seemed like way too soon, the nigh was coming to an end. Yet the year had just started and once more Shou addressed the fans.

"Today you have showed us the greatest scenery of all. Thank you. It was great to begin our 9th year like this. When we formed, we never thought that we would eventually make it this far and see something like this. Often all we do seems to be failing over and over again, so everything here is thanks to you and the next song holds all of our feelings for you."

And with “すべてへ / Subete e” Alice Nine’s first countdown performance ever came to a close. At last everyone joined hands and with a final jump the new year began.

"We will definitely not leave you alone this year, so please wait for us!" 

Set List :
01 Heavenly Tale
02 閃光 / SENKOU 
04 Q
07 Kiss twice, Kiss me deadly
09ハイカラなる輪舞曲/ HAIKARA NARU RONDO 
10 Scarlet
11 花霞 / Kasumi 
12 ハロー、ワールド / Hello, World
14 the Arc

EN1 一月一日 (カバー) ~ the Beautiful name / ichigatsu tsuitachi (the Japanese traditional New Year song) ~ the Beautiful name
EN4 Heart of Gold
EN5 すべてへ / Subete e

credit : musicjapanplus

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